Evaluation: Are you actually meeting visitor needs?

strichm_feedb.jpgOnce you have opened your innovative interpretive project to the public, you might want to know what visitors think of it. Is the project the success you want it to be?

We provide advice on how to evaluate success

... with you doing the actual evaluation...

Visitor observations and surveys often lead to good ideas for improving a thematic trail or an exhibition even further. Sometimes they highlight only minor problems that can easily be corrected, but which detract from the overall success of the trail if undetected. A simple visitor survey is often sufficient for these purposes and does not need to meet scientific standards.

... or experts doing it for you.

Independent quality control through the Transinterpret advisory centre is recommended if results need to be presented to external bodies or agencies. Working with universities, advisory centres carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your project that corresponds to scientific standards and methodology. These results provide you with an objective assessment of how you are doing: You will be able to demonstrate whether your provisions meet the expectations of visitors, funding organisations and local actors alike.


by Kira Gee last modified 27.02.2008 02:45