Securing the Quality Label for existing interpretive provisions

strichm_qualit4.jpgProjects that have made use of the Transinterpret advisory services and successfully applied the Transinterpret recommendations receive the Transinterpret Quality Label. Other interpretive provisions can also receive the Quality Label and a Transinterpret endorsement, as long as they meet Transinterpret standards.


Analysing strengths and weaknesses to secure quality

Regional advisory centres check to what degree existing thematic routes, exhibitions, interpretive trails or guided tours meet international Transinterpret standards. This is important because visitors that have experienced other Transinterpret provisions have certain quality expectations - they should not be disappointed. 

What if this is not enough?

If success with visitors and day trippers matters to you, then you will appreciate an independent assessment of your interpretive provisions even if it turns out you do not yet meet Transinterpret standards. As an organisation responsible for funding or managing a thematic trail, an exhibition or guided walk, you will welcome professional feedback and practical ideas for improvements.

A specially developed profile of strengths and weaknesses will enable you to decide on the following:

  • Should existing provisions be improved?
  • Or should the existing shortcomings be accepted until a completely new concept can be developed, perhaps also cutting back on advertising the interpretive provisions in the interim?

Difficulties always arise when visitor expectations are raised and then disappointed, without those responsible for interpretation even noticing.

More information on receiving the Quality Label and the assessment of strengths and weaknesses is available from your regional advisory centre.


by Kira Gee last modified 20.09.2008 12:53