Tips for trips


You want to…

…know more about nature, cultural heritage and the people at sites you are visiting?

You are looking for…

…alternatives to conventional nature trails, exhibitions or guided tours, that present unrelated facts instead of remarkable stories?

Then you are invited to explore…

…our exciting sites for excursions, whether alone, together with friends or with the whole family.
All our offers are awarded with the Transinterpret Quality label. We keep adjusting its criteria to the interests and requirements of the visitors, just like the Transinterpret Network keeps on improving the art of heritage interpretation.


Your opinion is important

That is why we are always thankful for critique as well as suggestions for a further improvement. Please write an e-mail to help us inspiring future visitors even more.

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At the moment we provide the following offers in English language:

There are more offers in the German language. Please check the German section of this homepage for further informations. In additon, our Italian partner in Liguria and the Greek partner regions are starting new projects right now. Please consult the section Transinterpret partners and their projects for more information about our partners and the current state of their projects.


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