Southern Black Forest

Yach-suedschw.jpgWith almost 1500 m height, the Feldberg is the highest mountain outside of the Alps in Germany.  It is one of the main attractions in the Southern Black Forest region, no matter if it is for hiking in summertime or for skiing in wintertime. But of course, the region does have more to offer to its visitors!

Also the Black Forest gateau, the traditional Black Forest hat and the cuckoo clock are only facettes of this region that is endowed with such a natural beauty and cultural diversity.

The offers carrying the Transinterpret Quality Label allow to see the man behind the curtain. Who would know how the Black Forest came into being or that the area around the Feldberg was formed by the glaciers of the ice age? Or probably you want to better understand the situation of the farmers in the heights of the Black Forest, find out something about mining or the beginnings of tourism in the region? There is a lot to explore!


The following offers are provided with the Transinterpret Quality Label - and available in English:

Loop path around the Belchen summit

Discovery area of Kandel summit


There are more offers in the German language. Please check the German section of this homepage for further informations.




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