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Publications by Prof. Dr. Gaudin


  • "Vertical Relations, Opportunism, and Welfare," The RAND Journal of Economics, 2019, vol. 50(2), pp. 342-358.
  • "Vertical Bargaining and Retail Competition: What Drives Countervailing Power?" The Economic Journal, 2018, vol. 128(614), pp. 2380-2413.
  • "Margin Squeeze: An Above-Cost Predatory Pricing Approach," with Despoina Mantzari, Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 2016, vol. 12(1), pp. 151-179.
  • "Pass-Through, Vertical Contracts, and Bargains," Economics Letters, 2016, vol. 139, pp. 1-4.
  • "Dynamic Entry and Investment in New Infrastructures: Empirical Evidence from the Fixed Broadband Industry," with Maya Bacache and Marc Bourreau, Review of Industrial Organization, 2014, vol. 44(2), pp. 179-209.
  • "Ex-ante Margin Squeeze Tests in the Telecommunications Industry: What is a Reasonably Efficient Operator?" with Claudia Saavedra, Telecommunications Policy, 2014, vol. 38(2), pp. 157-172.
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