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Coordinator ERASMUS & Internships abroad:


  • Mr. Dr. Steffen Minter


Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Platz der Alten Synagoge, KG II

79098 Freiburg


Consultation hour:

During the semester: Wednesday, 3-4pm, room 2311

Non-lecture period: only by agreement

E-Mail: steffen.minter@vwl.uni-freiburg.de


  • Student assistant in ERASMUS affairs:


Ms. Andra Volintiru

Areas of responsibilities: Supporting Incoming and Outgoings (organisational matters, 

nomination, course choice), Homepage 


Consultation hour: only by agreement

E-Mail: erasmus@vwl.uni-freiburg.de


Coordinator for Non-European Faculty Partnerships:


Mrs. Gabriele Rothardt

Institut zur Erforschung der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung (room 2334)

Platz der Alten Synagoge 1, KG II

79098 Freiburg


Phone: 0761 203-2360 / Fax: 0761 203-2375

E-Mail: international@vwl.uni-freiburg.de

Consultation hours: Mo-Fr 9:30 - 11:30 am

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