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Rock preparation

  • Thin section (Logitech lapping und polishing machines, Conrad saws)
  • Grinding
  • Polishing machines (Buehler grinding and buffing tables)
  • Grain sampling

Sample preparation

  • Jaw crushing machine
  • Grain sieving machines
  • Magnetic separator (Frantz)

Geochemical Laboratory

  • Micropaleontologic sample preparation (HF-vent)
  • Staining of carbonates, feldspars etc.
  • Gravity separation
  • Decomposition processing


  • 16 workstations 
  • Optional Windows or Linux
  • Standard software
  • Special Geo-software (Petrel, PetroMod2D, ANSYS, SiroVision, FracMan, EFLOW, Visual Modflow and more)
  • Colour scanner, laser printer for up to  DIN A3 size at the institute, poster size plot at the Computer Center (2 minutes walk only)
  • Workstation cluster

Microscope Laboratory (12 work stations)

  • Leica and Zeiss polarization microscope including digital image processing
  • Universal Stage

Sediment Geology Laboratory

  • Flow channel

Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Zeiss DSM 960 with EDX (Link/Oxford "ISIS")
  • Zeiss LEO 1525 with EBSD

Analog-Tectonics Laboratory and Petrophysics

Raman Spectrometer

being prepared fo set-up



Field Equipment

  • Core hole drilling machine for 40 to 120 mm diameter
  • Soil probing drills including pulling device (Dr. Puerckhauer)
  • Geological compasses, GPS receivers, altitude meters


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