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Welcome to the Department of Geology at the Institute of Earth
and Environmental Sciences of the University of Freiburg


Freiburg’s Department of Geology enjoys a long and successful history, which is associated with internationally recognized scientists such as Gustav Steinmann (1886 – 1906).

The Department of Geology offers the students a wide range of courses from plate tectonics and structural geology, sedimentology and paleontology, applied geosciences as well as historical and regional geology. The main topics in research and teaching are planetary geology and impact research. Thanks to the appointment of a new professorship we will be able to also include geological risk research into our program.

The intention of our research is to understand and quantify dynamic and highly dynamic procedures. The measure of analysis ranges from 106 m to 10-9 m (1000 km to 1 Nanometer) and means on one hand to employ remote sensing, supported by satellites, and on the other hand scanning with the help of electro optical microscopes.

The time frame of these geological formations can range from microseconds to millions of years. Next to classical methods of geological field work experimental methods are very important for rock deformation and validated mathematical simulations.




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