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Arthur Martens


Room No.: 340 (Chemie I; AC)

Telephone: +49 (0) 761 203-6116

e-Mail: arthur.martens@ac.uni-freiburg.de


Keywords: TMS-X-Al(ORF)3, Silylation



Bild1.pngMy work focuses on the synthesis, characterization and application of the Janus–headed Lewis acid Me3Si–F–Al(ORF)3. Hard nucleophiles attack the Al center, while soft and bulky nucleophiles attack the Si center to yield silylated cations in combination with the weakly coordinating anions (WCA) [FAl(ORF)3] and [F{Al(ORF)3}2]. This reactivity opens new synthetic routes to silylated materials and allows for many applications.
I am investigating silylation capabilities of Me3Si–F–Al(ORF)3 in order to synthesize and stabilize new silylated cations. These cations may either serve as proof for proposed reaction mechanisms or for further synthesis. Additionally I am trying to replace Me3SiF by other silane ligands to obtain new R3Si–X–Al(ORF)3 adducts with different reactive properties. My work is supported by quantum chemical calculations to predict reaction energies, vibrational spectra, geometries and other molecular properties.



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