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Andreas Ermantraut

B. Sc. Andreas Ermantraut


Room: 333 (Chemie II)

Telephone: +49 (0) 761 203-6148

e-Mail: andreas.ermantraut@fmf.uni-freiburg.de


Keywords: Electrochemistry, liquid junction potential




aermantraut_figure1My work focuses on the solution to the problem called “Liquid Junction Potential”, which arises at the interface between two different solvents. This potential forms an additional contribution to the overall electromotive force of a galvanic cell. Its knowledge allows one to compare redox potentials of redox species in different media.
Another topic of my work is the establishment of new reference electrodes for non-aqueous systems, which should have a constant and reproducible potential with a facile electron transfer kinetic. Together with one specific anchor point for each solvent, maintained from quantum-chemical calculations, an absolute potential scale can be made up.
In total, these absolute values shall confirm the protoelectric potential map, where several calculated redox systems in different solvents at different absolute pH values are plotted in one chart. As a result one can compare the electrode potential of totally different systems. This work belongs to the UniChem project, cf. Dr. Valentin Radtke.


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