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Past Projects: Research Area "Silviculture"

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Page Belowground niche separation and competition in tree species mixtures concluded 11/2011
Page Conservation through utilization – multifunctional development of coppice forests in Rhineland-Palatinate concluded 12/2011
Page Waldbau und Baumartenwahl in Zeiten des Klimawandels aus Sicht des Naturschutzes concluded 06/2010
Page Litter decomposition in mixed spruce-beech stands concluded 06/2009
Page Effects of nurse tree species on growth, environment and physiology of underplanted Toona ciliata (F. Muell.). concluded 03/2009
Page Stability of coppice forests at steep sloped sites along Rhine and Moselle concluded 12/2008
Page The germination characteristics of various broadleaf species as a factor of topsoil conditions in beech dominated mixed broadleaf forests on calcareous sites concluded 06/2008
Page Gap dynamics and regeneration in a near-natural calcareous beech forest in the Hainich National Park concluded 12/2007
Page Literature review to assess the phosphorus status of forest ecosystems -accompanying study to the second nationwide soil survey in Germany concluded 12/2007
Page The implementation of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to determine the mass and distribution of fine roots in forest soils concluded 03/2006
Page The influence of light on growth, biomass partitioning and tree architecture of free grown Fagus sylvatica, Acer pseudoplatanus and Fraxinus excelsior seedlings concluded 07/2005
Page The development of species composition and the structure of forests from the Black Forest to the Schwaebischen Alb – with particular emphasis on beech concluded 12/2004
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