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Abgeschlossene Projekte: Arbeitsbereich "Waldwirtschaft in den Tropen und Subtropen"

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Page Small farmer forest management practices in the Amazon: An analysis of the conditions that promote innovation concluded 12/2010
Page Tropical forest dynamic after logging: natural regeneration and growth of commercial tree species in the south-east Cameroon concluded 10/2010
Page Forest fire management in India: integrating ecological and cultural contexts and consequences concluded 10/2009
Page Forest management by small farmers in the Amazon - An opportunity to enhance forest ecosystem stability and rural livelihood concluded 03/2009
Page Guiding early silvicultural interventions through predicting canopy and crown dynamics in plantations of sub-tropical eucalypts concluded 06/2008
Page Promotion of natural regeneration to establish productive managed forests on fallow land near Pucallpa, in the Peruvian Amazon concluded 02/2008
Page Effect of Different Burning Frequencies on Plant composition, Site Fertility and Fuel Properties in Dry Dipterocarp Forests, Huay Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand concluded 02/2008
Page Sustainable Management of Production Forests at the Commercial Scale in the Brazilian Amazon Project PD 57/99 Rev. 2 (F) concluded 01/2008
Page Scientific support of the Sino-German GTZ program “Sustainable Management of forests in Western China”, in particular the activities of component 2 “Sustainable Forestry” concluded 12/2007
Page "Close-to-nature-Forestry" as concept for the management of degraded and secondary forests in Western China concluded 12/2007
Page Networking Forest Plantations in a crowded world: optimising ecosystem services through improved planning and management strategies (NETFOP) concluded 03/2007
Page Development of an auditing system for forest management projects in the Brazilian Amazon concluded 12/2006
Page Rehabilitation and sustainable use of community forests in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia concluded 12/2005
Page Indicators and tools for restoration and sustainable management of closed-deciduous forests in East Africa concluded 12/2005
Page Restoration of degraded natural forests in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam concluded 12/2004
Page Cost Accounting and Efficiency of Forest enterprises in the Brazilian Amazon concluded 12/2004
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